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Saqueskah, and The Blue Star Kachina

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This is a page about the "Blue Star Kachina", called Saquasoho, or Saquasohuh in search engines about the Hopi Prophecy. If you think the spelling for this title is incorrect you may be right, but it is the word I heard coming from the Old Indian man in my dreams. This Kachina is being capitalized on by many sites that repeat the prophecy, time after time. Not one of the sites I have visited have claimed to have had an encounter, only repeats of what is to come. I do not claim to know anything about Hopi Legend, Indigenous languages or what the future holds. If you want to know when an earthquake is going to destroy your local area, go find a soothsayer. I only know the truth about past happenings and what Saqueskah has revealed to me.

This Page is not about crystals, pyramids, or any hocus-pocus from the past, it is not about the Blue Star Kachina and what he is going to do in the future. It is about you and me and knowing the truth. It is about obtaining the spirit of the Blue Star and fracturing reality.

The Fracturing of Reality!

What does this Mean? It means the dismissing of everything one has ever known or believed in, when it comes to what is happening around you. What you have been taught, what you see, what you are told, what you know, and what you believe, is pretty mostly a lie. An illusion! Mind control by the few over the many. Conspiracy theories are for those who know what they are talking, or not talking about. I really do not have time to devote to conspiracies and leave that up to someone else.

My Personal Background

In 1979 I was introduced to inflammatory information regarding the Internal Revenue Service and the United States Government. I was not aware at the time just how damaging it could be to my financial welfare, but because it felt so right, I could not resist the temptation to follow it. I foolishly jumped into an Ocean of legal terms and precepts that I really knew nothing about much less understood. I was told I was not a "person" under the law and I believed it. I did not know how it could possibly be so, but none the less I believed it. In a sense it was not true, but in a larger sense it was. I knew there was truth here but I could not prove it, to the government nor to myself. For many, many years I tried to prove the truth to the "Agencies" whether they were State or Federal only to be hit into left field, with all the bruises to prove it. I am only grateful that I did not end up like so many I have seen since those early years. Dead if not dying. I sued and sued, and sued again all, to no avail. Maybe some people won, but those were the ones who had stamina, or even a lawyer, believed they were doing it the only way that it should be done, and wanted to show everyone else how to do it the right way for a price. I came to distrust everything, specially the news, politicians, lawyers, judges, laws, and the so-called patriots for profit. I no longer care to prove anything to the Government, I only had to prove the truth to myself.

During this period in my life, I had many dreams. The face you see here is exactly like what I saw in my dream as I was waking, except the man was looking at me instead of to the side. I know he told me of many things, but I cannot tell you what they are, they are part of the dream, and in a language I do not understand. I only know the last word he spoke was "Sequeska". This was around 1987. Understand, that I have never heard an indigenous language, I was not then nor now attending any type of Indian group. I immediately wrote that word down because I knew I would forget it if I did not and laid it next to the bed on the dresser. It laid there for weeks, until I started to dust and decided to stick it in the crack of a picture frame. It stayed there for years. Every now and again something would bring me back to Sequeska. The first time was when my daughter brought home a book about ceremonies or kachinas. I only saw the book once for a period of about an hour. This book had a listing of ceremonies in it and the closest I could come to "My" word was a ceremony that was last danced in around 1901. The dance of the Blue Star Kachina. It related a story of the downfall of the United States, in one paragraph.

During this time I was going through much discourse with the Government and was researching their laws to try and find out just what was going on. I did not feel like any of what I was going through was real, even though it felt real. What they were telling me did not set properly with what I believed to be true. I attended many meetings of various sorts with patriotic people preaching here and preaching there. Some of them seemed sincere, some of them did not, some of them I would not trust as far as I could throw them, but most of them wanted to teach me what I already knew with their "twist". And they ALL had a twist. I found a law in the state of California statutes one day. A seemingly simple definition of the meaning of "in this state, in the state", which led me to Title 4 U.S.C.S. and a thing called the "Buck Act." It was of course a coverup about dealing with the Indians off of the reservation. I gave the information to a Mr. Richard McDonald and he progressed to plagiarize it and give it his own "twist". While for myself it got me a tax free federal ID number, a tax free state sales permit, and my vehicles taken out of the computers. All of which made it more than impossible to function "in the states." I am sure Mr. McDonald might have good intentions somewhere, but as far as I am concerned his information just gets people another big headache, and when it came to the "Buck Act", he really should have stopped way ahead of the game. Needless to say the "Buck Act" has more notoriety than it should get and my experience is once one of the governments frauds is found out the only person to win with it is the person who found it, that being me. Sequeska!

I continued to research the laws, when one day some entity stated that on the 1040 was a notation to "place label here" and that meant "codicil". Now what lunacy was this? I progressed to look the definition up in my old 1800's Webster Dictionary and lo and behold it did! So why was it on the 1040? Well come to find out, the 1040 is a reflection of your birthright, or maybe I should say, birthed wrong. It reflects the genocide of the state citizens that Mr. McDonald so dearly embraces, yet can't find because he is looking for them in statutory law. Birthright comes down through the Laws of Descent and Distribution and citizenship is a birthright. Mr. McDonald has fallen very short in his research, stopped short and followed the wrong path. Birthrights are attached to the land, (as in the Laws of Real Property) that is what makes the American Magna Carta the Law of the "Land", not necessarily the "country". All born here have that birthright under the laws of old. The land belongs to God, the people belong to the land, and Rights come from God and the Land, not any written piece of paper. Sequeska!

I learned nothing more about the Blue Star until one day my husband decided to look the word up in a search engine. There was such a word, and to my surprise the spelling was similar to what I had written down. And I usually set it all aside, since I have lost home, friends, family because of my visions and quests. Occasionally though, it is thrown in my face and I cannot ignore it. This time, last week I overheard a talk given by Robert Morning Sky and that the Blue Star Kachina was made up by him and that "It" does not exist in Hopi legend. If it does not then I would like to know why;

I dreamt of Sequeska, and the Old Indian Man, and why was it that:
  • I lived at the foot of Oracle Hill, and why, in a dream did,
  • I descended into a dark cave, and stood before men in shining glittering gowns and demanded my freedom; and why is it that:
  • I lived off of Highway 72 near the Antelope Valley (AV), and why did,
  • I moved to Missouri, Off of Highway 72, near the Arcadia Valley (AV) which is called the Blue Star Highway or the Trail of Tears, and why was,
  • I given a crystal key in a dream and told I had "the key, now use it".
  • But mostly why do I find this path the most important thing in life to the consternation of my family and friends, who think I should be living in Beverly hills not in Missouri and doing what they consider crazy and a destruction of my life.
I believe wholeheartedly that the information I found regarding the United States Government shows that the truth behind the Government is that it is in "Breach of Trust" to all those who have been born in this country or those that have come here believing in a better way of life only to find out that there is no freedom in America, only feedom.

I believe wholeheartedly that the land, our lives, our liberty and our pursuit of happiness has been stolen from us and that the Government is operating under what is called "an office of Profit" which we as human beings born in this country were never meant to be subject to.We fall under the "office of trust" which really, truly exists but cannot be claimed by any of us because of the trickery of words used against us to believe in something that is not there.


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