The Last Outpost

The Last Outpost

My name is Jeffrey Scott Flesher, I have been friends with Rod Remelin since I was getting retired from the Air Forces, we met through Dave Hinkson, who I was building a Computer for, this site is about our Journey to try to make it in life, trying to find a safe place to live, and this Earth is not it right now, since Sir Isaac Newton and Edmond Halley Calculated the End of Time, and NASA pushed the Schedule up to the Year 2033.


I did not find out I was Autistic till the year 2000, I was born on a Saturday on the 14th of January 1961, so that was my 39th birthday, and about 32 days later my father died, and I did a lot of research up till 2013 when “The Last Magician” a BBC Special came out, and then I understand who and what I was, an Aspie.


I do not lie about my IQ, I only like to make it more Entertaining, because I never thought of myself as being smart, I am always doing stupid things, but that is me, my Grandparents made me the Chosen One, which is a very strange Title, only Masons in the Ashkenazi Order know this name, but it is not what you think, in the Torah, there is Code, known as Bible Code, in it, Kepler said that a person would be born at an exact date and time, Newton calculated it to be 14 January at 6:32 PM, that is all it means, I was the chosen one because I was the one born on that date and time, but chosen to do what, and that is to build the Last Outpost.


What and who is the Chosen One?

If you have to ask you will never be one, the only way to be one is to be asked, that is how you become a 32 Degree Mason, 33 Degrees are made up, and how 32 Degree Masons know they are not in their Order of Ashkenazi, for one thing, our Bloodline can be traced back to Jesus Bar Abbas, we are all Masons, and when it comes to Flesher’s, I am not even the most intelligent, look at them over the centuries, even now, a lot of Doctors, Race Car Drivers, Military, and all very intelligent people.