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It's Time To Outlaw Zionism
It's Time To Outlaw Zionism
by Patrick Grimm
May 17th 2008

After watching a video by anti-Zionist beat reporter Frank Weltner, who is a former librarian and an indefatigable researcher on the Jewish Problem, I find myself in full agreement with this wise scholar. Weltner, who has moved beyond mere audio talks which in the past adroitly dissected the body of lies that served to further the world Zionist deconstruction project, now is disseminating his video lectures across the world of YouTube and is opening eyes, minds and hearts to the depth of the problem. You can access all of Weltner's latest Jew Watch videos here.

What I found so novel, even groundbreaking in Weltner's calm and reasoned mini-dissertation was one of his suggestions on how to stop or curtail the ADL/AIPAC subversion of America's sovereignty. He suggested, in his somewhat curmudgeonly trademark style that the only way to ebb the tide of Jewish extremist treason was to outlaw Zionism and label it as a terrorist philosophy. After looking at the problem extensively myself, this does seem to be the only solution available to us.

If Islamic radicals, jihadist Arabs from the Middle East had seized our media organs under the radar, even if they were American citizens, most people in the US would stand and loudly demand that something be done, by both the President and the FBI and with firm and unbending legislation from Congress banning those with allegiance to a foreign power from controlling the flow of information. Americans would understand that Islamic jihadists could not dispassionately report the news, especially news concerning the Middle East. These Islamists would not be allowed to hold onto newspapers, magazines, network news stations and other types of media. They would absolutely never be allowed to get a foothold in the news-making field and any monopolies would be crushed like a Palestinian child in Gaza.

In fact, according to the Zionist Jews, no one but their people should have any media of any kind. It was the Jewish community, well-funded and heavy-handed as always, which succeeded in getting Al-Jazeera banished permanently from Canada. The Zionist Jews want no competition in the arena of ideas, and many of them despise the ubiquitous scope of the internet for this very reason. They slant and spin and lie endlessly because, save the world wide web, they are the only game in town.

This must end. We must, for the sake of America's future and America's survival, pass legislation that brands Zionism permanently as a criminal, a terrorist and a treasonous ideology, and one which desires world domination and control over all other peoples. The fact that the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee essentially writes our Mideast policy only guarantees that America will be drawn into endless war, endless bloodshed and endless death and decimation of other nations for the sake of world criminal Zionism and for the benefit of NO ONE ELSE. The Jewish supremacists have been allowed to lord it over the rest of humanity for long enough! I've had enough and the world has certainly had its fill of the warmongering agenda of radical Zionist Jews! These Jews now control most of our federal government and their grip has to be dislodged and smashed!

But before some of the members of the intellectually and morally bankrupt Ziogentsia scream that this type of anti-Zionist legislation would be anti-Semitic and that it would amount to little more than Jew-baiting; let me make something very clear, so clear that even a 75-IQ Christian Zionist Mogen David-lover can begin to comprehend it. The anti-Zionist legislation that both myself and Weltner would endorse would punish treasonous Zionist Gentiles just as much as it would punish Zionist Jews.

Legislation designating Zionism as a terrorist ideology would necessarily require the impeachment and imprisonment of both George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as Zionist war criminals, it would result in the removal and arrest of all our Zionist politicians, frauds like Rick Santorum and John McCain and Rudy Guiliani and Bill and Hillary Clinton and so many more. Both Gentile and Jewish Zionists alike would be fined, jailed or at the very least be stripped of their lofty positions.

The AIPAC and ADL traitors would be imprisoned, the neo-con Jews and Gentiles in this present administration would be charged with Zionist war crimes and either serve lifetime sentences or possibly be executed for the blood they helped to spill on the sands of Iraq, all for concocted Israeli lies and propaganda, cherry-picked and fed to our feckless politicians like candy.

I am angry as hell and I believe that more and more Americans are starting to wake up and smell, not the coffee, but the awful stench of the blood and guts spilled forth by Zionism! Zionism is killing us, it's killing our soldiers, it's killing the Iraqi people and it's killing our sovereignty! Even now, the Jewish neo-cons are pushing the open borders Ending of America Project and getting by with a little help from their friends in the Jewish media and their Goyim pals like drunkard Ted Kennedy on the Left and the disgraced megalomaniac John McCain on the other side of the fence.

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