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How To Build - Twitter Followers

"The Light Wizzards Easy to Follow, Step by Step Instruction Guide, on how to increase your Twitter Followers".
  1. Open Twitter in a tab, log in. then Tweet something, in case everyone uses this Wizzard to get followers.

  2. Open Just Unfollow in another tab, log in, then click on "Show Non-followers", and unfollow around 25 (you do not want to break any terms of service with Twitter, by unfollowing too many each day).

  3. In Just Unfollow, Click on "Show Fans", and follow all. Note: If you get an error; determine if its just a Private (Lock) account reject, if so, then ignore it, or you will hit a limit. . . if you do, click on  "Show Non-followers", and unfollow a few more than needed.

  4. In Twitter, click on Followers, pick a follower and click on them, click on their followers, and follow them as such: if a user has a lock, or writes in a language you do not support, skip them. Each follower has a date/time stamp at the end of their last tweet, if its 24 hours or less, click on follow, and do this until you hit your limit.
Once a week you will want to prune your non-followers list; since you can only follow so many users, you will want to maximize your chance of getting more.
  1. Open Just Unfollow in another tab, log in, then click on "Show Non-followers".

  2. If a non-follower has more Followers than Friends, Unfollow them, because chances are that they are not interested in following.

  3. If a non-follower has a Privacy Lock, Unfollow them, we have to respect their right to privacy by never following them, unless they follow us first.

If you have a new account; only follow 500 the first day, and 800 (total) the second. If you have at least 400 followers, you can now follow more; if you do not, follow the above rules until you do.

You can now follow up to 2000, where upon breaking this barrier, you can then continue to follow until you hit your limit.

We are working on Twitter API Tools, which will further automate the process of getting more followers. The Light Wizzard invites you to come back often, to take advantage of the new tools, and suggestions, for building your follower(s) list.

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