The State of A People

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The State of A People

by Rod Remelin
August 20th 2009

    The result of many people surrendering responsibility for themselves over to a centralized arbiter whose authority is derived and maintained through force, will always reflect back to those people a great perversion, and use of that ceded power. . .the best of intentions aside.

       When individuals are not subjected to, or overly burdened by the introduction of unnecessary controls, and regulations, which ultimately choke off their imagination, and creativity — they do prosper and thrive, with fewer life draining distractions being the end result. Governments on the other hand — all governments, after they have sufficiently tuned the people up with their lies, and propaganda, then go about harnessing the resultant energy type created by their  compliant human automatons, to accomplish whatever goals might be in the best interest of that governments organizers;  but never ever in the best interest of the people.

    You cannot subject people to a constant, and unrelenting influence by forces whose intentions are to create a feeling of fear, irritation, hate, apprehension and mindless compliance, and expect those same people to be self reliant, sovereign , and at-ease within themselves. In order for any society of people to be in harmony with each other, the individual  must be encouraged to seek the life within themselves first,  the natural result of that connection manifesting as a higher more intelligent directing power, that can and will show the individual just what to do in every situation

    Within the essence, and core of all modern governments you will invariably find an agenda, and framework based upon one common theme of  regulation, control, punishment and reward. You might even conclude that after thousands, and thousands of years of this same type of mind control being used on vast populations of people all over the world, that the average schmo would have caught on to the game by now and decidedly putting an end to it by not participating as expected. Sadly this has almost never been the case as it pertains to recent history, or the last  13,000 years. 

    Humans will always be much better off when left alone, and not forever preyed upon, yoked, regulated, or maliciously interfered with by others of their own kind. "As an aside, is it any wonder that Our own kind are to be given top honors for keeping the majority in perpetual limitation, and tyranny; all the while averting our attention to some 3rd party contract employee with the assigned moniker of 'The Devil', as the responsible party for all of the worlds woes?" It really is silly when you weigh in the facts of it, rather than overlaying the suggestively proffered superstitious mumbo jumbo, which never does stand up to applied critical thinking, with equal portions of discernment. 

    The experiment called mankind has been more one of lab rat, and observer; rather than what it should have been, and could be now, based on non-constricting, artificially limiting interferences — but will never be until people stop giving their power away to government, religion, others, or whoever.

    Do you imagine that in some future version of humanity that mankind will have evolved to a point within himself — collectively, whereby he will have taken the aspect of his own unrestrained and ill-mannered lower nature and tendencies into account, so that they might be intelligently factored into the decided makeup of his own social order by implementing the necessary safeguards to make sure those tendencies do not yet again become the ruination of evermore future generations?