The Rat Master

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The Rat Master

by Rod Remelin
June 5th 2010

   Humans in the main — by immersing themselves into self deceit, wishful thinking, and idolatry — so thoroughly blind themselves to the harshness of this world; that they are unable to deflect, or resist, the seeming cogent suggestions, and ramblings of the mad men who run it.

    In the course of what constitutes the daily activities, and affairs of the many, there is a restless feeling of bothersome urges — plaguing the mind with a never-ending stream of uncertainties.

   Layer upon layer of endless labyrinths have been designed, and built for mankind — to keep him as a rat in a maze, such that whatever course he might finish another awaits; somehow different, but still needing to be negotiated over and over again, just the same. One might ponder that for this to be be the case for such a long period of time, that many more then actually do,  would have by this time, wised up to the futility of such mindless and pointless running here and there about themselves. Fact is, the majority never do become aware of it  — and for them, still desperate to finish the maze, their only thoughts surrounding those requiring the working out of which turn to make; the end being it's own reward, and backtracking the punishment.

    The God of this world is the Rat Master — having passed himself off as all knowing, and seeing, with genuine concern for his mice — has managed over the course of time, to convince the many that the maze is their only possible refuge, and to imagine otherwise, will with all certainty,  relegate them to the abandoned outback of a 'life without the herd'.