A Letter to all Ground Hogs

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A Letter to all Ground Hogs

by Rod Remelin
October 5th 2008

    "Filling time, and getting the most out of the energy you expend, are not often considered as going hand-in-hand". Similarly — starting out with great aspiration only to run out of steam half-way between start, and finish; at what might have seemed in the beginning a worth-while investment of both — has a way of revealing to us our only to-human-tendencies of  'wishful thinking' — the proverbial tell-tale of  fear-driven-nervousness, subsequent lack of patient preparatory consideration, and careful contemplation before acting.

    As we evolve, grow, and learn as individuals, some, but not all, learn how to create more effectively, using less of their own energy, in favor of harnessing the energy of those around them. There are countless examples of this — in fact the entire societal structure of earths human populations, with very few exceptions, have been harnessed too the service and tribute of a relatively small group of quasi-humans — who instinctively know how to tap into the energy of the masses. I site this particular type of 'creation process', because by and large, it is the one most widely accepted and parroted.     

    There are many ways to create, some more humane then others — however, most of the methods used over the last 13,000 some-odd-years of earths history, have leaned towards the in-humane. As a result of this widely deployed style, mankind, from the spiritual-evolution standpoint, have been in a perpetual holding pattern. . . stifled to say the least. 

    Are there indications today that the over-all relationship between master and slave, is starting to change somewhat?

    Not anymore then there has been in the past when such periods of renaissance awakening have taken place, only to be ruthlessly, and brutally stamped out by the sinister force, which by the way, is now set to begin in this country (Amerika), due to the acceleration of slumbering Rip Van Winkles, who have suddenly decided they now want to have a voice in their own lives — however completely uncharacteristic this might be for the "Ground Hog Day" rank and file.

    There is nothing new under the sun, and that's a fact; there is only the reenactment of the past, whereby over inconceivably long periods of time, and countless lost opportunities, does mankind in any minute sense seem to fundamentally change from what he has been.

    So, what have we today, but yet another golden opportunity to choose different, to resist that which compels us to comply to that which dilutes our budding senses and memories, the seeming current need to seek the sunlight, to break through a timeless barren soil into the natural light of our own creative process, instead of serving that which has never had our collective well-being at heart.

    Their are no guarantees you know that this time will turn out any different then times past; where humanity won't once again be locked down, and shackled for an indefinite period of time; notwithstanding however fleeting this current moment might still allow for choice. Bare in mind though, that this window will not remain opened forever, whereby the individual might be given this opportunity again to rise up and cast off all self doubt, in favor of trusting without question, his or her own instincts, and compass to show them the way home.

   "Take heed Ground Hogs, your time is at hand, such that if you do it different this time, you may awake to a day like no others."