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A Cacophony Of Noise vs. The Spirit within Man

by Rod Remelin

    Planet Earth has been, and is currently comprised of perhaps the most manipulative cacophony of ill intended humanoid like life-forms that have ever incarnated — quite possibly anywhere in the known universe. . . and there is no reason to believe that their collective hatred and subsequent mis-use of energy towards creating 'hell on earth', for one and all, will be subsiding anytime soon.

So why mention this?

    Because the thing that sustains the resultant discord from all of this collective hate, and ill intent, are large groupings of people who simply cannot imagine a world any different than the one they meet everyday of their lives. A world where victim consciousness, and learned helplessness is promoted and fostered against a sea of inane, irrelevant and pointless suggestions. By feeding into the fear of lack, and self-doubt, the mal-intended once again trump the masses into emotional paralysis. If mankind could get it within himself that such a world presented to him by the Cretan's of Oz, is nothing more than smoke and mirrors; that the personal choice to live in self-confident-abundance, safety and supply, is his natural state of being — the subsequent shift alone would override his hive programming. Moreover by taking his attention off of the suggested Protocol of self defeating, life degrading fear based interest — this game of duality would come to a swift and much needed conclusion.

    It would seem that the picture we now see of the world crumbling around us might very well be nothing more than the old ways of being, acting and learning, giving way to a different model for human conduct, a reshaping of our collective character if you will.

    I know that most who read this will no doubt fall back to a more pragmatic view of the world, feeling reassured and convinced that what cannot be seen with the eyes or heard with the ears is to be dismissed as blather and ramblings. Be that as it may, the spirit within man has the capacity for taking him into great leaps of awareness, and has done so in the past, subsequently being met by the sinister force with horrific resistance in acts of slaughtering vast populations in order to stop such a spiritual unfoldment from taking hold.

    I posit that just such a spiritual emergence is now in its infancy, as seen by the unprecedented leveling of Violence and Tyranny against people by all the earths various governments; consequently guaranteeing that few, if any, will be spared the pressure of being sorely measured and tested, not only as individuals, but nations as well.