The Last Outpost

Imagine the Last Outpost as the Great Pyramid, it is a power plant that converts seawater into fresh water by producing Oxygen and Hydrogen, and burning them together to make Electricity, Heat, and pure Water, and below it is Paradise according to the Torah written in the 3rd Century said that Adam & Eve were Banished from Paradise, also referred to as Middle Earth, but the descendants of Cain, a Dark Wizard called Moses, destroyed them to make Money, Taxes and Law, building Nuclear Bombs and digging deep holes in the Earth to detonate them trying to kill all those in Middle Earth, but those on the planet’s surface have their brains fried by the Sun, one more time, this is your brain, that is the Sun, just put the Egg in the Sun all day and maybe you will get this message, but most Sheep get the Stupid Vaccination, I call it Stupid because it only gives you want is in it, and you would have to be insane, or Stupid to allow this, and another Term for it is Euthanasia.

A Wizard is someone like Kepler, Newton, or Tesla, and in history, they are also called Wizards, for example, what the BBS Special “The Last Magician“, from 2013, Magician translates to Wizard, and everyone knows the Last Wizard was Tesla, Ben Kenobi was a long, long time ago.

In 1666 Sir Isaac Newton and Edmond Halley Calculated the End of Time to be in the Gregorian year 2103, and the Torah Johannes Kepler left for Galileo Galilei, said that the End of Time would come 42 years before that Date, under the Julian Calendar the year 2060 and under the Gregorian Calendar the year 2061, Kepler wrote that in Witchcraft the number 42 as a Hex means Decimal 66.

NASA has updated this timetable, and I actually believe their estimate of the year 2033 under the Gregorian Calendar.


I want you to answer these Questions using your “Little Voice”, or your “Big Voice”, in front of others, and let us compare our IQ’s, Ready to Play this Game?


Was Albert Einstein Right or Wrong?


Who wrote the formula E = MC2?


Who was the most intelligent person on Earth?


What is the difference between People and Sheeple, or Sheep People, meaning people who follow a Shepard as in Psalms 23?


What is a Soul?


What is an Atom?


What is an Electron?


  1. What is God?
  2. Who is God?
  3. How does the Torah or Bible define what God is?


Why is David Hinkson in Prison for Life?


Once I explain this to most Sheeple, this is how they will react

Psalms 23 means only Sheep will follow this Shepard into Hell, and why it is Legal for Gay Shepherds to Alter Boys, Sheep or Sheeple have to take the Mark of the Beast of the Sheep, and thus are Sheeple, or Sheep, and have no rights since they only serve Satan.


  1. God is All Light without Darkness.
  2. IAM God, where I is the Light of God, And Me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh.
  3. God is All Light without Darkness.


Light without Darkness is found inside every Atom in the Universe, and all of them are made of Neutrinos and Light without Darkness, only Electrons have Darkness in them.


All Life is made up of Atoms, so we are IAM, look into a mirror and say it out loud a few times, till it sinks in.


Religion is the teaching that God is a Deity that does not Physically Exist, Kepler and Newton proved Christ was inserted into the Torah in the 4th Century, proving Christ is a Deity that does not Physically Exist, not even in Roman History, so it must be true, Jesus was not a Common Name in the Torah since it only talks of one in the 3rd Century, so Bar/Abbas the Leader of the Militia is the only Jesus in the Torah, and that is a verified fact.


Tesla wrote that our Soul is easy to explain with the simple Light bulb that Thomas Edison invented, it sends Souls to Hell, and why he invented the Fluorescent Lights and not the Cheap ones you find on the market, you have a battery that holds Electrons, so our Soul is these Electrons, and I will prove it, just remove them all from your body, and you will be dead, not hard to prove, Edison killed a lot of Animals to make that point, sending them all to Hell, and after Tesla explained what a Soul was, he was threatened they would Kill him if he ever let this be known, and why they broke into his safe and stole Tesla’s Notes, I do not believe anyone murdered him, I just think they did not want Sheeple jumping off the Deep end, wanting to go straight to Hell, no detours on the way down, but J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison said they would kill him, and Tesla knew they would.


Why would all the Masons allow this is a better question, the Ashkenazi Masons were outnumbered by other Masonic Orders, and if anyone found out the Bankers and Power Companies were selling your dead Souls, they would jump off the Deep End and go to Hell.


The Powers that be are building Underground Cities to survive the End of Time, and have built Pig Pens around every Major City in the World, the Military has been Ordered to kill all those that have committed Treason in their Country, the United States Military took an Oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution, so let me explain the United States Constitution.


Why David Hinkson is in Prison for Life is Simple to see after you understand the US CODE of FEDERAL LAW TITLE 12 CHAPTER 3 SUBCHAPTER 9 SUBSECTION 341, you can find it at the (White) House under US Code, https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?path=/prelim@title12/chapter3/subchapter9&edition=prelim, so see who the Enumeration of Powers Act puts in Charge, and I know most people never read the Law, they do not even read the Torah or Bible that states God is All Light without Darkness and that Exists, but Religion was written for Sheep in Psalms 23, so let me explain US Code of Law, that come from the White House, the one at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006.

My name is Jeffrey Scott Flesher, to me, David Hinkson was a good friend, so I put up a web site for him, others invested a lot of time and energy in it, but it was in Joomla 1.5, and that only ran under PHP5.6 and that was retired, like me, Medically Retired from the United States Air Force, and it was working up till around August of 2020, and my hope of it ever working again are over, and I did not want to try to rebuild an old site, the Joomla Template I wrote for it was the best part, and why we could not upgrade Joomla, I got a beta theme to work, but not the release version, so I was done.

This site is my attempt to Keep “The Last Outpost” Site alive, so let me tell you about a story about when I was stationed in Idaho, in the United States Air Force, I was on the Air Force Honor Guard at the time, working as a Computer Test Station Tech, or Electronic Engineer and Computer Programmer for the (E)F-111, I got a Medal for improving this Aircraft and bringing it online a year in advance where it flew over 98% of all missions, that Medal can be found here Jeffrey Scott Flesher

I want to tell you a story I will never forget, so keep in mind the audience I am talking to, Military, top Government Officials, and our guest of Honor, the Albertson’s, who just toasted to the end of our Constitution, and everyone got it, but a few, so let me explain this.


  1. First. To adopt and use a corporate seal.

    $ That is a U and an S, superimposed on top of each other.

  2. Second. To have succession after February 25, 1927, until dissolved by Act of Congress or until forfeiture of franchise for violation of law.

    This one basically states that the Federal Reserve is a Franchise, and in 1933 they dissolved Congress, and then they stole all the Gold in the Country and forfeited the Country, and it filed Bankruptcy, and we are still running under that status since we cannot make the Bank Payment. We the Sheeple of the United States, bought into this Franchise with our Blood and would die defending it, and why so many pretend we have a Constitution because stupid Sheep do not understand the meaning of Only, as in Only Congress can Print Money, a loophole in the Constitution, and why my Family refused to sign it, and now it is just a relic, it was suspended 100 years before my birth, in the year of 1861, so I was born into Slavery and had no say so as to who owns me, and Me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, and that is my name, and what Jesus Bar Abbas said he would come back as, once again, to fight for Real Freedom, and not the kind of Freedumb the United States enjoys so much, but it is Free, and Sheep never get enough of Being Dumb. The Officer looked at me like I need to keep my mouth shut, but Kathryn said go on, as Joe squeezed her hand, tell us about the 8 Enumerated Planks of Slavery…

  3. Third. To make contracts.

    All Masonic Orders are Numbered, and the First 3 are always free, and that is where the Term Free Mason came from, during the Civil War the Bank made a Contract with the North and the South and funded both, not caring who won because everyone already lost the Country.

  4. Fourth. To sue and be sued, complain, and defend, in any court of law or equity.

    This is the Whole Game, Sue, they own every court and every person working for Money, Game Over.

  5. Fifth. To appoint by its board of directors a president, vice presidents, and such officers and employees as are not otherwise provided for in this chapter, to define their duties, require bonds for them and fix the penalty thereof, and to dismiss at pleasure, such officers or employees. The president shall be the chief executive officer of the Bank and shall be appointed by the Class B and Class C directors of the bank, with the approval of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, for a term of 5 years; and all other executive officers and all employees of the Bank shall be directly responsible to the president. The first vice president of the Bank shall be appointed in the same manner and for the same term as the president, and shall, in the absence or disability of the president or during a vacancy in the office of president, serve as chief executive officer of the bank. Whenever a vacancy shall occur in the office of the president or the first vice president, it shall be filled in the manner provided for original appointments; and the person so appointed shall hold office until the expiration of the term of his predecessor.

    First off, the President of the United States is voted for, proving the U.S. President falls under employees as are not otherwise provided for in this chapter, and that is because the United States is in Default on a loan they took from the Bank, using the Country and all its Citizens as Collateral.

  6. Sixth. To prescribe by its board of directors, bylaws not inconsistent with law, regulating the manner in which its general business may be conducted, and the privileges granted to it by law may be exercised and enjoyed.

    This means the Banks are allowed to have Fun at the Expense of all its Slaves, they own the Courts, and all the Judges and Lawyers.

  7. Seventh. To exercise by its board of directors, or duly authorized officers or agents, all powers specifically granted by the provisions of this chapter and such incidental powers as shall be necessary to carry on the business of banking within the limitations prescribed by this chapter.

    That means they have the Power to do anything it takes to keep the Banking going.

  8. Eighth. Upon deposit with the Treasurer of the United States of any bonds of the United States in the manner provided by existing law relating to national banks, to receive from the Secretary of the Treasury circulating notes in blank, registered and countersigned as provided by law, equal in amount to the par value of the bonds so deposited, such notes to be issued under the same conditions and provisions of law as relate to the issue of circulating notes of national banks secured by bonds of the United States bearing the circulating privilege, except that the issue of such notes shall not be limited to the capital stock of such Federal reserve bank.

    We the Sheeple of the United States of America, are now the property of the Bank and will do what they say.

I am a Medically Retired 100% Disabled Gulf War Vet, and I know the whole story about why my friend David Hinkson is in Prison for Life, he cannot keep his mouth shut about this.


Few People know what Sheeple are, so let me explain it this way, I will only refer to the Torah that Johannes Kepler left to Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, and Nikola Tesla, any condensed version of any Bible will do for what I have to say since it is in all of them, Religion is the teaching that God is a Deity that does not Physically Exist, but this Deity God is not God, but the name of an Angel named God, and that is not the same thing at all, and normally no one notices this, but logic is simple, if you believe God does not Physically Exist, then you believe God does not Exist, and only Stupid Sheep like Ewe in Psalms 23 could be that Stupid or brain dead since common sense goes a long way, the Torah or Bibles all say God is All Light without Darkness, and that Physically Exists, but these are not Normal People, all the people I just listed are known Aspies or people with Asperger Syndrome or AS, also known as Autistic, they have the ability to see math in their mind, not thoughts, not that “Little Voice”, if you read all they have written you will find out this is the truth about many with a High IQ, well above 180, and it takes one to know one and being one I know this, so let me prove how Intelligent someone with an IQ over 180 is, and before I prove my Superior IQ over Albert Einstein’s IQ of only 160 as an Adult, I must point out that somehow we are all related, follow my Logic here and I will prove it, all of these people are Ashkenazi, in the Torah it said that Ash is White, Ke is Grey, and Nazi is Black, and Adam and Eve mixed all 3 Races of Humans, that were Apes at the time, and lived in Paradise, which in Middle Earth, and Admiral Byrd wrote a lot about this subject, and I will prove he was right, as well as Darwin, all what I call Wizards.


The Military is about to go to “World War III”, but not with each other, but to legally exterminate all its Citizens for Treason for using Money not Printed by Congress, and since it is Dissolved, only the Military is in Charge, and they took an Oath to kill everyone guilty of Treason in the United States, and as that turns out, it is everyone that uses Money not printed by Congress, what a great plan to kill Satan, whose plan was this, well I was Born in Corona California on 14 January 1961 as Jeffrey Scott Flesher, better known as the Flesh, they tried to kill me with the Anthrax Vaccine, now they are trying to kill you with the Corona Virus.


Ewe are Sheep, and Yew is a tree type that includes Taxus, and only Dumb Sheep would eat Taxus, but this war is more about the killing of all those that are Religious, this is a Religion War.

Religion teaches Ewe that God is a Deity, and like Christ who does not Exist in History or Physically exists just like a Deity God, whereas the Torah is very clear about who Satan is, those that use Money to buy and sell Souls, and only tells Half-Truths and took the Mark of the Beast known as a Sheep, who are the only ones following any Shepard, but this one is known as Satan, who Alter Boys.


I am glad to see Satan will be Wiped off the Planet before all the Oil is gone since Oil is the Blood of the Planet, and all the Land under all the areas they pumped it out of, will collapse at the End of Time, the United States does not need to worry they are about to become the New South pole.


Satan is a Liar, Einstein’s theories are something few understand, for one thing, few even know that in 1942 Einstein denounced it saying his theory does not work without Newton’s God as the Force of Gravity, Einstein got tired of Tesla laughing at him and why he sarcastically said Tesla is the most Intelligent human in recorded history, but that was in Einstein’s time, in my time, which started in 1960, the highest recorded IQ was my Father Robert E. Flesher, now the E. comes from the Ozark Mountains where my family settled back in the 16 hundreds, and it means “E.”, even Robert E. Lee’s name did not stand for anything but and E. anyone tells you different are liars. This information is easy to find in the Riverside California Newspaper, I have it, I will look for it and scan it in, so Let me tell you about Einstein.

Who wrote the formula E = MC2?

Albert Einstein only wrote about Alternate Universe’s in Alternate Realities, the Torah said God is All Light without Darkness, a Theory is something never proven, so it is not a fact, and not a way of explaining them, so this Theory is that God does not exist, so we are talking about a Universe without Light without Darkness, or only the Darkness, even if it does exist, we cannot interact with Neutrinos, Theories are known as Science Fiction, and Trinary Science is only about God-based Science, where God is All Light without Darkness and that is the Force of Gravity, so I only base Trinary Science on Facts, and no Theories.

The Military has my ASVAB Scores of 99%, in school I have a recorded IQ over 180, so way more than 20 points higher than Einstein, my Father had the highest recorded IQ in the United States, most do not know this because he became a Junkie after my Mother Mary died at the age of 19, which makes Einstein legally retarded to me. In 1942 Einstein denounced his Theory Publicly, but the Church had already said they support it, and dumped Kepler, Newton, and Tesla, and went with Einstein, all because these so-called Wizards in History, discovered Christ was inserted into the Bible, and Christ and God are both Deities, they do not Physically Exist, nor does Christ exist in History. Christ is a Star that Newton was born under on 25 December 1642, and Christianity is the study of that Star. Einstein said in a very sarcastic way that Tesla is more intelligent, this was because it was true, and he had just denounced his theory and was expecting the World to come down on him, but instead, the newspapers reported Einstein found Religion, which was a half-truth since he only admitted Newton was right about God Being the Force of Gravity in this Universe, not his Theoretical one, to me Einstein was like Family, he was born in the same region as my Family over 300 years ago, so he is an Ashkenazi Aspie just like me, and by denouncing his concept of Gravity working without God, well that is what the Newspapers call Found Religion, but it is not Religion, since they only Teach a Deity God that does not physically exist

People who believe they are more intelligent than me, will argue Einstein who only had an IQ of 160 as an Adult, my Father had a higher IQ 180 in High School, I read that in the Riverside California Newspaper, I was born in 1961 and he is 20 years older so not hard to do the math, my Mother turned 16 before I was born, but died of a Heart Attack from a DPT Vaccine in High School, at age 19, so FOIA the United States Military if you want to confirm my Military ASVAB scores of 99% before you challenge me, because I have PTSD, and no time to talk to people not intelligent enough to understand Light without Darkness exist, so does Gods, let me dismiss all those that do not believe in Kepler, Newton or Tesla, that God is the Force of Gravity, God is All Light without Darkness found inside all the Atoms in the Universe, so God Physically Exist, and only Retarded Sheep like Ewe would argue that Point so let me just take one of Einstein’s BS Math Formulas and prove how Stupid Ewe are for eating using Money and Taxus. E = MC2 or Energy = Mass times the Speed of Light Squared.

God is the Force of Gravity so F = MA, where F = God = MA, and M = Mass, and A = Acceleration. If you are not intelligent enough to figure that out, let me explain it another way since Math means nothing to Ewe.

God is All Light without Darkness, got it, we both need to agree that God is Light, but is not the Darkness in that Light, this is Science, and Math, F is the Force of Gravity, in this case, Kepler, Newton, Tesla and me in the Flesh, and Flesh is my Name, a Deity God is the Name of an Angel, they have Souls so physically exist, just like me in the Flesh, so God is = MA, or Mass times the Acceleration, and keep in mind, Light has no acceleration.

Still no help, Mass times Acceleration, sorry Light has no Acceleration, so Einstein took it out, that is how he Removed God, but he did not change the function at all, so what is Mass, well that is made of Atoms, and Atoms are made of a Shell of Neutrinos with Light without Darkness inside them, Electrons have Darkness and Light, so what did Newton say Energy is:

E = MA2 What did Einstein change?

He changed A to C and took credit for it, which is called Plagiarism, you cannot rename a variable name and call it your Theory.

Einstein tried to prove that C was different than A, by stating that the Speed of Light can be Accelerated, not only that but Squared, you have to be totally retarded not to get this concept or are ewe just uneducated, because we all know Light has no Acceleration, so take God out, meaning no Light without Darkness, and all you have left is Mass times its Acceleration, and that is not the same thing Einstein said, he said that C is a Constant for the Speed of Light, understand how retarded that logic is, that is the same Light he Removed called God, so if you are using Einstein’s Equations, you are using it wrong and it just happens to work due to Newton’s Laws.

My Father was a Computer Programmer, he never made the time to ever talk to me, he would have to hold me since there were two of us, my little sister is just a year and a half younger, and my Mother got the DTP Vaccine in school, it killed her by age 19, and I worry about my youngest, she did not do well with that Vaccine either, it was then I researched this to find that still to this date, that vaccine kills over 100 thousand children, Deadly Vaccines, my point is, by the time I was 3 years old I knew how to program computers, electronic theory, math theory, and everything my Father needed to learn, he read the whole set of Encylopedes to me, I read them again, I do not actually read words, never learned how till I was a teenager, the worse thing I ever learned in school, I just store them in my mind somehow and can read them there, even in my dreams, and why I never took any books home or did home work, what was the point, it was all lies, and I have told them how Crazy they are, only to get yelled at. My Dad was great till Sister Morphine comes into his life, Mothers Little Helpers already my Step-Mother, but when he went back on Junk, he lost his job, and maybe that is why my body freaks out whenever I have to use it, never by choice, but I have cancer, a broken back and had my Descending Colon and Ballader removed, survived two Appendicists attacks, but my body goes into instant withdrawal, and IAM not Religious, IAM a Dog, the backward Spell for God, check my Military Dog Tags.


You do not need an IQ over 66 to understand anything I have written, and I use my IQ as Entertainment Value for Aspies or Intelligent People who get my style of Isaac Newton Humor, after all, he is my Great Cousin, as is his Son Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton is my First-Cousin, 5-Times removed, so we all have the same Last name, but were named after the Historic ones, as Ashkenazi, we normally only name our children after dead relatives, and there is a connection, but what I write is the truth, and that is all I can tell you.